Dr. Pillai’s Special 2-Part Webcast Series for Karma Removal and Manifestation

How to Transform Your Bad Health, Money, and Relationship Karma in 2018

Watch And Engage With Dr. Pillai On December 31st and January 1st To Start Over Fresh In 2018

 Why Do You Feel Like You Have To Struggle and Suffer To Get What You Want?


The answer is Bad Karma, and it applies to relationships, health, spirituality, and money too.

Some people spend their entire life without healthy relationships—their entire life without good health in their body and sometimes without any money.

Your karma is the culmination of all your thoughts and actions from this lifetime and from past lives as well.

This means you are constantly experiencing your karma in the form of your most dominant thoughts and tendencies, both positive and negative.

Karma is a reality.

It’s the stubborn thought patterns that remain in your soul and translate to a three-dimensional reality. Unless you erase your karma, it will keep coming.

However, there IS a way to overcome your negative karma and change your life for the better.

Overcoming Bad Karma is Very Difficult, Unless…


… You know HOW to do it.

Unless you erase your karma, it will keep coming day-by-day, hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute—you will continue going through the karmic cycle.

Perhaps, you may have been stuck in a bad situation for a long time. You run into unethical people more often than you would like. Or you repeatedly enter relationships with abusive or overly critical lovers. You’re in a dead-end job you can’t seem to get out of. Whenever you get a large sum of money, something happens that takes it away. 

Karma is the law of causality. 

Although it’s a philosophical concept, it’s much like Newton’s physical Laws of Motion. Every action has its opposite and equal reaction.

Life itself is a reaction to your own thought processes, and that’s why karma is often called the Law of Causality.

You cause everything to be created. You create a thought, and then it manifests; that is what karma is.

This explains much of what occurs as you came to the earth plane to live out your karma.

How Can You Fix A Bad Reality?


We created these realities to learn, but a bad reality is a limitation, and that limitation has to be overcome.

How do you overcome it?

Not just lamenting it, or putting the blame on someone else.

You have to own it and accept it.

The concept of karma is very subtle and cannot be understood simply on a gross level, as we do not pay attention to what course our life is taking.

We do not understand the deeper meaning behind most of our actions. We do not have the energies to go into deeper levels of awareness to appreciate karmic impressions.

The first step in understanding karma begins with staying conscious and putting your attention or focus on the throat. Just by this simple exercise you can control a lot of karmic happenings.

We all have in some sense accepted karma and do not even want to challenge it.

For a person who is free of karma, every moment is new and can create a new event every moment.


Dr. Pillai Will Show You How


On New Year’s Eve, Dr. Pillai is going to talk about his new understanding of karma, where it is located, and how you can erase it.

On New Year’s Day, as a sequence to erasing karma, he’ll talk about the manifestation principles and how to manifest the life that you actually want.


“Every new year there is a possibility for a new beginning if we organize our lives according to new principles. I am not going to repeat my teachings. I may mention or bring some new light to them, but the teachings will reflect my new understandings. I want to personally invite you for both events.”



– Dr. Pillai

What Is The New Year, New Beginnings Program?

This program is a new way to engage with Dr. Pillai in a 2-part online webcast. 

Each webcast includes

  • Video Replays Lifetime Access
  • Audio Files for Easy Playback
  • Full Transcripts
  • and a Personal Practice based on the teachings provided in the webcast.

Spending time with Dr. Pillai during this new year is a blessed opportunity, as you’ll be able to harness your passion along with his newest teachings to help create a fresh new you. 

You will learn specific techniques to use throughout all of 2018 for re-patterning your thought process in order to allow new thoughts, a new identity and a new awakening into your consciousness.

Get ready to experience an inner and outer change as you will gear up and shift to a higher vibration allowing your reality to starting changing fast.

Imagine all of that energy combined with Dr. Pillai’s direct empowerment and blessings?


“I’m very delighted that of late I have come across great teachings, through God’s Grace, that will help you to have a greater understanding of karma, how to change your karma, how the eyes play a very important role and how your navel chakra plays an important role. All of these things I’m going to talk about on the New Year’s Eve webcast.”



– Dr. Pillai

Create Your Dream Life In 2018

Join Dr. Pillai for a special 2-part webcast series to receive his latest revelations and energetic empowerment to create your dream life in 2018.

*You can choose to purchase an individual webcast or both together for a discounted price.

Webcast #1 Karmic Re-patterning

New Year's Eve
  • December 31st

  • 7 am PT

Webcast #2 Key Principles of Manifesting

New Year's Day
  • December 31st

  • 7 am PT

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