Join Dr. Pillai for a Special 2-Part Webcast Series for New Revelations on Karma Removal & Manifestation

Leave Your Bad Health, Money & Relationship Karma in 2017

Start Fresh and Create 2018 as You Want it to Be

December 31st & January 1st

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 Why Are You Still Suffering?

The answer is bad money karma, and this applies to relationship too. People spend their entire life without relationship, their entire life without health. Karma is a reality.  It is the stubborn thought patterns that stay in your soul, which translate into 3-dimensional reality. Unless you erase this karma, it will keep coming.

Overturning Bad Karma is Very Difficult, Unless…

It’s very difficult to overturn the bad karma unless you know how to do it. On New Year’s Eve, I’m going to talk about my new understanding of karma, where it is located, and how you can erase it.

On New Year’s Day, as a sequence to erasing karma, I’ll talk about the manifestation principles and how to manifest the life you want.

New Principles for a New Beginning

Every new year there is a possibility for a new beginning if we organize our lives according to new principles. I am not going to repeat my teachings. I may mention or bring some new light to them, but the teachings will reflect my new understandings.

I want to personally invite you for both events.

 – Dr. Pillai

What is this and what do you receive?

What is Darshan?

Create Your Dream in 2018

Join Dr. Pillai for a special 2-Part Webcast Series to receive his latest revelations and energetic empowerment (darshan) to create your dream reality in 2018.

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Webcast 1: Karmic Re-patterning

  • Dec 31, 7 am PT

  • (New Year’s Eve)

Webcast 2: 3 Key Principles of Manifesting

  • Jan 1, 2018 7am PT

  • (New Year’s Day)